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Enhancements for EasyDD script

June 05, 2020 — BarryK

I have enhanced the EasyDD script in EasyOS and EasyPup, at /usr/sbin/easydd.

When right-click on an OS image file, EasyDD is offered in the menu:


EasyDD starts up in GUI mode, but the source-file box was empty. I have fixed it so that it is pre-filled with the clicked-on file:


The other change, is the USB-stick is now preselected. Previously, the first radiobutton was selected, in this case the NVME drive.

But, that proved to be a misfortune for me. I should not really have been developing the code for EasyDD on my main desktop PC! In a moment of inattention, I clicked the "OK" button when the NVME drive was selected. There is a final sanity-check window, or rather there is supposed to be, but as the code was under development, there was a bug that bypassed the sanity check.

Oh dear. The 250GB NVME SSD is what this PC came with. This PC is a fairly recent purchase. The SSD has Windows 10 on it. sda is an 8TB 2.5inch SATA HDD, that I added to the PC, and that has all of my work.

Windows 10 has been wiped. Oh well, never used it anyway. I still have one computer with Win 10, my Mele mini-PC -- good enough on the very rare occasion that might need to run Windows.

This is just the 'easydd' script, it is not EasyDD-portable. I have not yet added the enhancements to EasyDD-portable. As this script is intended to be used in EasyOS and EasyPup, I have modified the "Help" window:

img3 can see the information to right-click on a file -- that is not going to work in other pups. The 'easydd' script will work in other pups, just not that right-click thing. Here is the latest 'easydd' script (8KB):

Download, uncompress, set executable flags, place it at /usr/sbin:

# gunzip easydd.gz
# chmod 755 easydd
# cp -a -f easydd /usr/sbin/


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