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Firefox 68.7 ESR SFS

June 01, 2020 — BarryK

Runnung EasyOS or EasyPup 2.3, if you click on "petget" icon, you can install Firefox 68.7 ESR, which is a long-term supported version.

I have made it into a SFS, so it can be installed via the "sfsget" icon.

There is, however, a problem with EasyPup. The SFSs are designed for use in EasyOS, and in EasyPup, the menu entry is wrong. I didn't know this, as had only tested the 'devx' SFS, which does not have a menu entry. Forum member Rogebe reported this:

I have modified the 'dir2sfs' script so that it creates SFSs with a normal *.desktop file, so the menu entry will be correct for EasyPup, and for EasyOS when the SFS is loaded on the main desktop.

However, the problem is reversed, the menu entry on the main desktop is now wrong for launching the containerized app. It requires a change in /usr/local/easy_containers/ec-create-desktop-icons-menu script, and that will be in the next release, 2.3.1.

It is OK though, as users normally launch a containerized app by clicking on the desktop icon, and that works fine.

I have built Firefox 68.7 ESR with the fix for easyPup, so click on "sfsget" and you can install it.

The Chromium SFS also needs to be updated, but I might wait until 2.3.1 is released, so that the menu with be correct in both EasyOS and EasyPup. 

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