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Full hdparm utility in initrd

June 21, 2020 — BarryK

Earlier this year, I posted about implementing running of 'fstrim' at every 20th bootup, for SSDs that support TRIM:

However, only had the busybox 'hdparm' applet, that does not work with USB drives.

I have now compiled the full 'hdparm' utility, version 9.58, statically with musl, for x86_64, i686, and aarch64, and put the utilities into WoofQ.

Only the more advanced USB-sticks support TRIM, such as the SanDisk Extreme. Interesting, not all SSDs do either, and apparently, some that report they do, don't really -- which could be a problem if run 'fstrim' on those.

I have a couple of SSDs in USB caddies, which is a very cost-effective alternative to USB-sticks, in terms of size and long-term reliability. Installing EasyOS to one of those is a fast and portable choice, rather then bothering to install to the internal drive. So, I want EasyOS to detect if the external SSD supports TRIM. 

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