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puppyPDF removed

June 11, 2020 — BarryK

puppyPDF is an ancient little GUI app that converts text files to PDF. It was written by 'thoughtjourney' in 2005. Forum member 'vovchik' created a similar app named 'ppdf'. Both of these required abiword, running in CLI mode.

Feodor reported that it does not work, as abiword is missing.

Easy does not have abiword anymore, but libreoffice could be used, in "headless" CLI mode. It would have the advantage of converting many more filetypes, and more accurately than abiword.

Anyway, as most apps, such as libreoffice, have "save as..." to file, which is PDF, a specialised app like puppyPDF is probably redundant.

I am not motivated enough to convert puppyPDF to use libreoffice, so have removed it from Easy. 

Tags: easy