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Xsane binary patch fixed

June 02, 2020 — BarryK

Xsane is an app for use with scanners. I do own an old flat-bed scanner, but  it has been in the cupboard for years, as I find the scanner app on my phone is very good.

Xsane puts up a warning message if run as root. I hate it when developers decide to be policeman and tell us what we should or should not do. Especially when 'root' does not necessarily mean full admin privileges (such as crippled root in a container). Anyway, WoofQ applies a patch to the binary executable, that removes that warning.

Note, VLC does the same thing, and WoofQ has a patch for that. VLC does try to determine if running in a container, and won't put up the warning in that case -- except that it only detects a couple of the mainstream container architectures. Being policeman again, very annoying.

However, the patch does not work with the Xsane DEB from the Buster 10.4 repository. I have fixed the patch. This is in the 'FIXUPHACK' script in the packages-templates/xsane in WoofQ. 

Tags: easy