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Android phone data transfer fixed

July 10, 2020 — BarryK

Some time ago, someone reported being unable to connect to their Android phone, running EasyOS. The desktop has a "share" icon, that is supposed to make it easy to setup file transfer and printing over a network, and file transfer with a Android phone connected via USB cable.

There was also a report of a problem with Samba, I think, so checking that is on the to-do list, perhaps that report was for EasyPup.

Anyway, for now have tackled Android connectivity. I ran "easyshare" in a terminal, and immediately discovered the problem: the 'adb' utility is missing.

Debian developers have been changing package names again. The DEB package 'android-tools-adb' used to have the 'adb' utility, but no longer. Now we need the 'adb' DEB plus some dependencies.

Having done that, connection with my LG Nexus 5 works.

I added an extra bit of information in the GUI. When an ADB connection is attempted from a device that the phone has not connected to before, it pops up a confirmation dialog on the phone screen. If you fail to acknowledge that popup, EasyShare reports nothing, that is, no phone, found. I have changed this so that EasyShare reports the phone is found but you haven't authorized the connection on the phone screen.

Another bug bites the dust! 

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