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Collection of old MP sources

July 31, 2020 — BarryK

I posted about compiling MP (Minimum Profit) console text editor version 3.3.17 statically with musl:

I also mentioned that the 5.x series is required for uft8 support. We really do need this. Gone are the days when source code, shell scripts and config files were just ascii characters.

The latest version is 5.41, however I got a compile error. The author of MP does not retain the sources of earlier versions. He erases them all except for the latest, so finding older versions requires a hunt on the Internet, where people might have archived the source.

Version 5.36 is archived by James (jamesbond in the Puppy Forum), in the FatDog source repository on That version compiles.

What I found over the years with MP is that different versions behave differently. A later version might actually be broken in some way that an earlier version isn't. Then there are different features -- generally, the older the version, the less features, but simpler operation and smaller binary.

Anyway, these are the sources I found:


'mped' is the name that Debian gave to the MP package. It was in the Debian repository a long time ago.

I am particularly interested in the 5.1 series, as it has just enough features that I want and a very small binary. It is a contender for being compiled statically.

I found version 5.1.3 readily enough, but did see some documentation that there was a 5.1.4, but couldn't find it. Finally tracked it down. They are all uploaded here: 

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