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EasyOS 2.3.3 coming very soon

July 15, 2020 — BarryK

Just to let everyone know, I expect to release EasyOS 2.3.3 tonight. It is currently 9.00am here in Perth, Western Australia, July 15.

I did have everything ready to upload, then discovered a bug that must be fixed. Have things to do during most of the day, so expect to tackle the bug this afternoon, then rebuild everything.

EasyPup... yes, plan to release 2.3.3 also, maybe a couple of days later. There were some outstanding bugs reported in the Murga forum, but I don't recall exactly what they are. There was one about samba not working, I think.

Unless I can fix any EasyPup-specific bugs in the next couple of days, will release it knowing that it does have unresolved bugs.

I will create an EasyPup section in the new EasyOS forum. 

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