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Incomplete archive of Murga Puppy Forum

July 14, 2020 — BarryK

Jon (scsijon on the Puppy Forum) has advised me that was archived on the Wayback Machine on the 4th December 2019:

However, it is incomplete. EasyOS Buster posts up to December 4 are missing. EasyOS Buster 2.1.3 was released September 15, 2.1.8 was released November 6. Buster 2.1.9 was released December 9, after the archive snapshot.

Here is the thread for EasyOS:

...weird, it only goes as far as page-9 of that thread, dated 20170825.

Oh man, is far from being an adequate archive! At least as far as the Murga Forum is concerned.

And then there are attachments to posts -- I clicked on one, and doesn't have it. So, it looks like all the file uploads are lost.

I have tried this URL, to search:*/

...according to that, there is a snapshot on June 22, 2020:

Here is the EasyOS thread:

...but page-165 is not there.  Nor page-2, only page-1 is archived.

Trying another snapshot:

And looking at the EasyOS thread:

...nup, no page-2  

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