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Kernel 5.8-rc4 compiled

July 11, 2020 — BarryK

I am interested in the changes to procfs in the 5.8 kernel, to enhance container security. The plan is that the next release of EasyOS will be after the 5.8.1 kernel is released. For now, getting started...

I started with the '.config' file for the 5.4.47 kernel, as used in EasyOS 2.3.2. Enabled some more drivers, in addition, made some changes, here are the highlights:

General setup
[*] Boot config support CONFIG_BOOT_CONFIG Documentation/admin-guide/bootconfig.rst
Processor type and features
Networking support --> Bluetooth subsystem support
[*] Enable Microsoft extensions CONFIG_BT_MSFTEXT
Networking support
[*] Netlink interface for ethtool CONFIG_ETHTOOL_NETLINK
Device Drivers --> PCI support
[ ] Support for PCI hotplug CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI REMOVED
Device Drivers --> Generic Driver Options --> Firmware loader
[*] Enable firmware caching during suspend CONFIG_FW_CACHE
Device Drivers
< > Memory Technology Device (MTD) support CONFIG_MTD REMOVED
Device Drivers --> Block devices
(65536) Default RAM disk size (kbytes) CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE Increased from 32768
Device Drivers --> Pin controllers
<*> Intel Ice Lake PCH pinctrl and GPOI driver CONFIG_PINCTRL_ICELAKE
<*> Intel Jasper Lake PCH pinctrl and GPIO driver CONFIG_PINCTRL_JASPERLAKE
<*> Intel Tiger Lake pinctrl and GPIO driver CONFIG_PINCTRL_TIGERLAKE
Device Drivers --> Hardware monitoring support
<m> Hard disk drives with temperature sensors CONFIG_SENSORS_DRIVETEMP

Some of those, I don't know anything about, but look interesting. "Boot config support" for example.

Also went on a big hunt for firmware for the 5.8 kernel, and have created a new PET (59MB):

Using the 5.8-rc4 kernel right now. Had to fix the aufs patch, and getting an iptables error at bootup. Other than that, seems OK. 

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