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ModemManager missing dependencies

July 26, 2020 — BarryK

Forum member 'April' posted about a wifi adaptor not working:

April is using PupDial, which is a tool for dialup Internet connection, for old analog modems or 3G/4G dongles, or something similar that requires dialup.

PupDial is inherited from the Puppy days, and I have not used it for many years. It is still there in EasyOS, as are all the other old network connection tools, such SNS (Simple Network Setup) and Jemima's Frisbee. By right-click on the "connect" icon on the desktop, can run the "Internet Connection Wizard" to select these old tools.

EasyOS defaults to NetworkManager, a very sophisticated network management tool, and there is also an applet for it in the tray. Left-clicking on the "connect" icon will invoke the tray applet -- default behaviour, but if you used the Internet Connection Wizard to change to one of the old tools, then left-click will invoke that.

EasyOS also includes 'ModemManager' and 'modem-manager-gui', the latter being a GUI for the former. I have never used this, but it looks like a manager for dialup modems, so should do what PupDial used to do.

However, some dependencies are missing, so modem-manager-gui won't run. I have fixed that, for the next release. As to actual usage though, someone with a dialup modem will have to test it.

Modem-manager-gui will be found in the menu "Network -> ModemManager dialup configuration".  

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