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New EasyOS test forum

July 13, 2020 — BarryK

You may have seen that the Puppy Linux Forum here, is down: announcement regarding that is coming very soon. In the meantime, here are alternative Puppy forums:

...there have been suggestions that the last one will become the new official Puppy Forum, but I don't know if that is decided yet.

I have decided to resurrect the EasyOS forum at I previously had Simple Machines Forum installed, but as I spent most of my time on the Murg Puppy Forum, didn't see any point in having a separate one just for EasyOS.

Things have changed, and this time have installed FluxBB, which is simple to administer and use. Here it is:

It also has a very uncluttered user interface, that I like.

FluxBB is currently being evaluated. If we like it after a few weeks, likely it will stay.

My apologies, the registration email verification system doesn't work. I have not yet figured it out, so have deleted all users who have attempted registration, and turned off the requirement for email verification. So please try again!

Probably best to keep communications on this forum at a minimum, as don't know if will keep it. Especially if can't get the email verification to work -- it is supposed to be using the 'sendmail' utility, I think. sendmail does work for my "Contact me" php script, so I know it should work.

Hmmm, maybe will have to go back to the Simple Machines Forum.  

EDIT 2020-07-13:
Test forum temporarily removed. I have raised a ticket with my hosting provider, why PHP mail() function isn't working. When reinstall it, might use MyBB, due to its security features.

EDIT 2020-07-14:
Dave has reminded me that there is also a Puppy Linux forum on Reddit: 

EDIT 2020-07-14:
The email problem is solved, and have settled on MyBB, and the EasyOS forum is up. I have also posted about it here, with commentary on the registration security:  

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