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New forum links page

July 21, 2020 — BarryK

It has been reported a couple of times on the EasyOS Forum, that someone reading that forum might not know about the blog, and vice versa. Or someone at the home page might not realize there is a forum.

To get the ball rolling to remedy this, I have created this page:

So someone coming to the front page will easily see this and discover the forum, as well as other forums, and the blog.

I would like to put some links at the top of the MyBB EasyOS Forum, however, have not yet figured out how to do so. It seems that I might have to edit PHP code to do so, and even if I could figure out how to do it, the installation of MyBB was achieved and is managed by the "Installatron" in the Control Panel at my host,

The Installatron does automatic updates, which might make editing the PHP code not a good idea. The Installatron also does automatic repair if the mysql database develops a fault, which is neat. And it does periodic backups.

Back in 2004-2005, I was managing a Puppy Linux PHP mysql forum, and the database became corrupted. Things were primitive then -- John Murga helped me to repair it. When I said that I didn't want to manage the forum anymore, John offered to create one on his site and look after it. I think that is what John did for a living, PHP coding and databases.

Anyway, hopefully now, if the database ever does develop a fault, it will be automatically taken care of! 

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