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pkexec error in EasyOS

July 20, 2020 — BarryK

Forum member jon7 reported that the 'linssid' DEB did not work in EasyOS:

Linssid has a script /usr/bin/linnsid-pkexec, which has this:

pkexec "/usr/sbin/linssid" "$@"

'pkexec' is a binary executable, in the 'policykit-1' DEB.

Easy has policykit to satisfy dependencies, however doesn't actually use it.

Any attempt to use it has to be bypassed, so I have created a script /usr/bin/pkexec to replace the one from the policykit package:

while [ "${1:0:2}" == "--" ];do
[ "$1" == "--user" ] && shift
[ "$EXE" ] && exec ${EXE} "${@}"

Which I think will behave in conformance with the commandline options as shown on the man page:

There is now a 'policykit' entry in 'packages-templates' folder in WoofQ that achieves this replacement. 

Tags: easy