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Test update from 2.3 to 2.3.5

July 30, 2020 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about the new automated version updating:

The new script is /usr/local/easy_version/easy-update, launched in a terminal window via wrapper script /usr/sbin/easy-update. I fixed a couple of bugs in it, and this morning tested updating EasyOS from version 2.3 to 2.3.5.

I have version 2.3 installed on my baby laptop, and I copied the easy-update script into it, Yesterday I had already uploaded 'easy-2.3.5-amd64.img.gz' to ibiblio, compressed with that "--rsyncable" option.

Actually, there is an elephant in the room, which is 'easy.sfs' -- this is compressed with xz, and is inside the easy*.img.gz file. So I didn't really know what improvement using that "--rsyncable" option would have. Let's find out...


Pressed ENTER, to reconstruct 'easy-2.3-amd64.img.gz'...


Now it is downloading 'easy-2.3.5-amd64.img.gz'. The file is 544MB, so it will be very interesting how much rsync is able to reduce the size of the download...


...right, 121MB. Quite a lot, but far less than 544MB. Possibly a way to get it much lower would be not to compress 'easy.sfs' when it is created, but that introduces usage problems.

Pressing ENTER key...


...success, updated!

Next, I went through the same exercise, updating from 2.3 to 2.3.5, this time without "--rsyncable". That is, the online 'easy-2.3.5-amd64.img.gz' was compressed without that option, and ditto for the reconstructed 'easy-2.3-amd64.img.gz'...

img5 is 519MB, 519,588,023 bytes, almost the full size of 545,044,613 bytes. So, we are keeping that "--rsyncable"! 

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