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Version rollback fixed

July 29, 2020 — BarryK

The application at menu "Filesystem --> Easy Version Control" allows rollback to an earlier snapshot, either in the same version or an earlier version.

Rolling back to a snapshot in the same version works fine, however I found rollback to an earlier version is broken. I thought that this was fixed, but not so. Well, I think that it is now.

One might think that even if the rollback bugs are fixed in the latest version, if we rollback to an earlier version then the bugs will come back. Yes and no...

No, because now, the 'initrd' file is never rolled back, so it will always have the latest scripts. These scripts are the most critical for rollback (and roll forward) functionality. The 'initrd' in the boot-partition will remain that of the latest installed version.

It does require that the 'initrd' be compatible with the version of EasyOS being booted, which should be OK as long as don't want to rollback to a very early version. 'initrd' does not contain anything version-specific, for example, no kernel modules. 

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