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EasyOS version 2.3.8 released

August 10, 2020 — BarryK

Many changes since 2.3.3! Release Notes are here:

Download 'easy-2.3.8-amd64.img.gz', German and French builds also available:

If you need help with installation:

If you are already running EasyOS, you might like to try the automatic update feature. I have just now tested updating my installation, version 2.3.3, to 2.3.8, and the download was only 103MB. It's easy, download this tarball:

...expand it somewhere, and inside folder 'easy_update' you will find 'easy-update', 'refind.conf' and 'syslinux.cfg'. Open a terminal in that folder, and execute "./easy-update". That's it, the script should reconstruct the *.img.gz of the current version, and then download the differences with the 2.3.8 version and construct the latest *.img.gz file. It can then perform an automatic update.

One thing to do manually though: copy those two files 'refind.conf' and 'syslinux.cfg' to the boot-partition, replacing those already there. Reason is, I have changed the menu layout a little bit, and a version update does not affect those boot-manager menu files, they have to be changed manually.

Caution though, if you have customised those boot-manager config files. Have a look at those new ones, you will see a new entry, in refind.conf:

menuentry "EasyOS 2.3.8" {
loader /vmlinuz
initrd /initrd
ostype Linux
options "rw"
submenuentry "Normal bootup (remove lockdown)" {
add_options "qfix=normal"
submenuentry "Filesystem check" {
add_options "qfix=fsck"
submenuentry "Commandline only, do not start X" {
add_options "qfix=nox"

If you choose to bootup to running in RAM, from the Shutdown menu, a new feature in 2.3.8, and you tick the "Permanent" checkbox, all future bootups will be running in RAM. To get back to normal bootup, you need a menu entry with "qfix=normal". A technical note: if you delete file '.lockdown.flg' in the boot-partition, that will also get you back to normal bootup.       

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