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Keep some settings when erase session

August 13, 2020 — BarryK

I have wanted to implement this for a long time. I often erase the working session, which goes back to a pristine first-bootup situation. In the rEFInd or Syslinux boot-manager menu, "qfix=new" will erase everything in the top read-write layer of the aufs layered filesystem, which is folder /mnt/wkg/.session

This can also be done via the menu "Filesystem -> Easy Version Control", which launches script 'easy-version-control'. Clicking the "Erase" button then rebooting will also erase the session:


Although I do this often, I would prefer to be able to keep some settings. For example, I might not want to lose the browser history and bookmarks. So, the "Erase" button now brings up another window, that offers to keep some things:


...some of those checkboxes will only appear when appropriate, such as have Bluetooth hardware.

Technical notes: the settings, if a checkbox is ticked, are copied to /mnt/wkg/sfs/settings/erase-exceptions, and when reboot, the 'init' script in the initrd will see that folder exists and will restore everything in it to the .session folder (after having first erased everything in the .session folder). 

Tags: easy