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Minimum Profit 3.3.17 now has UTF-8 support

August 01, 2020 — BarryK

I wrote about MP version 5.x required for UTF-8 support:

But I found that linking with "-lncursesw" instead of "-lncurses" fixed it, and UTF-8 characters display. Is it that simple? Surely there must be more to it, to support UTF-8? There is no mention in the 3.3.17 source anywhere about this.

I very much prefer 3.3.17 over the 5.x series, so this is good. I have compiled it statically with musl, for x86_64, i686 and aarch64, in my fork of OpenEmbedded, oe-qky-src. I have uploaded the recipe here:

Note, I did attempt to compile 5.1.14 in OE, but got strange errors. It is so much more complicated, with not much gain in functionality -- I mean relevant functionality, as an easy-to-use (drop-down menus), syntax highlighting, simple file viewer and editor for use in the initrd. I don't need the mpsl scripting language that is in 5.x. 

Tags: easy