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Shutdown menu has lockdown and debug items

August 03, 2020 — BarryK

A couple of days ago, I posted about new kernel boot parameters to dropout to a shell in the initrd:

And a few days before that, additions to the "Shutdown" menu. For rollback:

And for filesystem check:

Yesterday and today, I really went to town on the "Shutdown" menu. Here is a snapshot:


Choosing "Reboot, with lockdown in RAM" will bring up this GUI:


Choosing "Reboot to initrd (developers only)" will bring up this GUI:


...well, even if you are not a developer, you can check this out. It will be a once-only thing, and you will find yourself at a command shell inside the initrd, totally in RAM. You can then try out 'mp' and 'nnn'. After playing, type "exit" to continue bootup.

The great thing about these new choices in the "Shutdown" menu, is you no longer have to choose anything, or edit anything, in the boot manager (refind, syslinux or grub). Just make the choice in the "Shutdown" menu, then do a normal bootup.

A few technical details. For lockdown, "qfix=cap2" is deprecated, it is now "qfix=lock2". Also, "qfix=lock1" is for "Copy session to RAM & unmount all partitions". But, as I said, you don't have to mess around with those boot parameters anymore. 

So many great new features! I have to do some testing, expect the next release in a few days. It will be a pre-release of 2.4, as Debian Buster 10.5 is due out soon, and I will build EasyOS with the latest DEBs, and that will be version 2.4. 

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