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Blueberry, OpenOBEX, ObexFTP and obexfs

October 22, 2020 — BarryK

Blueberry is a GUI app similar to Blueman, for connecting over bluetooth. Two dependencies are 'libcanberra' and 'gnome-bluetooth', that I have compiled in OE and they will be in the next release of Easy Dunfell. Then we will be able to experiment with Blueberry, available here: is a python script and I don't know if all python modules are present -- it might be necessary to load the 'devx' SFS to get all of python3.

Hey, "blueberry" is an appropriate name, given this recent post:

As I understand the situation, Blueman can only send files to a device such as a phone, not receive, though I could be wrong. Obex is required for sending and receiving.

In OE I have compiled 'openobex', 'obexftp' and 'obexfs' and these will be in the next Easy release, for experimenting. Openobex has a utility named 'obex-check-device', Obexftp has utilities 'obexftp' and 'obexftpd', and obexfs has utilities 'obexautofs' and 'obexfs'.

Note also, gnome-bluetooth has GUI utility 'bluetooth-sendto'.

If we can pair with a phone, these utilities will be interesting to experiment with, to see if can transfer files. In am very interested in 'obexfs' and 'obexautofs', as these will enable the phone to be mounted and files viewed in a file manager such as ROX.

Obexfs is described here:

Obexftp is decribed here:

And openobex:

Very interesting, but actually doing something useful with these tools could be a challenge!

And for something totally different, here is another way to transfer files with a phone, using QR-codes, over wifi:


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