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bluetoothd likes to crash

October 31, 2020 — BarryK

I had this problem with Blueman, when connecting to my speaker, the 'bluetoothd' daemon would crash (bluez 5.54). Which leaves everything in a peculiar broken state.

Tonight I am working on my BT speaker with BluePup, and the same thing happened, 'bluetoothd' crashed just when connecting to the speaker. dmesg reports this:

[ 4708.620083] traps: bluetoothd[3513] general protection fault ip:7f6c850f97a9 sp:7ffebfbad880 error:0 in[7f6c850ad000+76000]

But BluePup did not know it had crashed, and when it ran this:

# bluetoothctl info 29:F0:F0:54:C2:7B just hung, didn't return. I tried with the "--timeout" parameter, no difference, hangs.

So I tried 'bt-device' from the 'bluez-tools' package:

# bt-device -i 29:F0:F0:54:C2:7B
bt-device: bluez service is not found
Did you forget to run bluetoothd?

...much better, letting me know that the daemon has crashed.

Thinking about what the options are, to deal with this...

EDIT 20201101:
Just when I was starting to think that the bluez-tools utilities look like a better bet to use, than bluez utilities, my hopes were dashed...

My bluetooth loudspeaker was paired but not connected. I tried to use this:

# bt-device -c 29:F0:F0:54:C2:7B

...but got an error message. I then used:

# bluetoothctl connect 29:F0:F0:54:C2:7B

...which worked.

I then discovered that this is a bug in bt-device that was reported in April 2018:

...and still not fixed. ...sigh


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