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e2fsprogs bug fixed

October 24, 2020 — BarryK

I wanted to find out if the "fscrypt" flag is set in a ext4 partition, so ran:

# tune2fs -l /dev/sda8

...and got an error message. Running "tune2fs --help" showed that it is a busybox applet, which is far less capable than the full 'tune2fs' in the 'e2fsprogs' package.

Well, 'e2fsprogs' package is in the build, so what went wrong?

In woofQ, if there is a package, such as 'e2fsprogs', with a utility that has the same name as one in busybox, then it takes precedence.

That has worked fine up until now, however I discovered that OE has renamed some of the utilities in 'e2fsprogs'. For example, it has renamed 'tune2fs' to 'tune2fs.e2fsprogs'. The reason that it would have done that, is OE must be intending that there is some other package with 'tune2fs' in it, that it would prefer to use.

I don't know what that supposed "other package" is, anyway, I have fixed the problem in woofQ. When a binary package is processed and added to a build, the is a folder 'packages-templates' that may optionally have some rules for modifying a particular package. There is a folder 'packages-templates/e2fsprogs' that has the rules for the 'e2fsprogs' package. Note, woofQ has a 'readme' file that explains how these rules work.

If you look in Easy Dunfell, you will see /sbin/tune2fs (a symlink to busybox) and /sbin/tune2fs.e2fsprogs. You can manually fix it, by renaming as appropriate. 

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