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EasyOS Dunfell-series alpha release soon

October 12, 2020 — BarryK

There are probably some of you guys who read this blog, who would like to play with this new Dunfell-series. It will be helpful to me, for testers to find and report bugs.

I should try to get an alpha-quality release out soon. Maybe in about a week. There are still issues...

Just now I have done a new build of Easy, and tested connecting my BT speaker. What I have found, is if I close the Blueman window, the speaker disconnects after a couple of minutes. leave the window open, no problem. Heaps of posts on the Internet, others with that same problem.

The bottom of the blueman window shows tally of bytes in and out of the BT speaker, and after about half an hour, 13.3MB has been read from the speaker, 258KB sent. Huh? I'm not even using it.

On the subject of PulseAudio, I am still very uncomfortable with using it. Using 'pavucontrol', the PA mixer, I can see the neat things it can do. When I start Audacious, it shows up in 'pavucontrol' as a playback device, and I can adjust its volume independently of other playback devices. I am having trouble seeing the point of it though, for a single user.

I am very tempted to recompile everything in OE, without PA. Go back to 'apulse' and 'bluez-alsa'. I was quite happy with those, and I don't recall the BT speaker disconnecting.

Anyway, this new Dunfell-series is very interesting, and I will try to get it out there soon.

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