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Workaround for HelpSurfer crash

October 22, 2020 — BarryK

EasyOS has a HTML viewer for local help files. Very small and don't have to bring up the main browser to view these local files. Except that it has been somewhat unstable, much improved awhile back thanks to James (jamesbond):

Yesterday, it was reported that Surfer crashed when viewing a local HTML file, testing EasyOS 0.93:

This does work:

# surfer /usr/share/doc/easy/welcome_en.htm

This crashes:

# surfer /usr/share/doc/easy/help_en.htm

The reason is that the file must not have a carriage-return on the last line. I have known about this for sometime. 'welcome_en.htm' does not have a carriage-return on last line, 'help_en.htm' does.

It seems that when I was looking at 'help_en.htm' at some stage, forgot about that problem with Surfer and stuck a carriage-return on the last line.

Anyway, fixed. We really should look at the source code and figure out why it is doing that: 

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