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EasyOS version 2.5 released

November 20, 2020 — BarryK

Another official release in the EasyOS Buster-series! The last one was 2.4.1, August 30, 2020:

Here is a brief announcement blurb:

EasyOS 2.5 is the latest in the 2.x Buster-series, built with Debian 10.6 DEBs. As well as the DEBs, other packages are updated, including SeaMonkey 2.53.5, and the Linux kernel is now 5.4.78. There have been many infrastructure and utility fixes and improvements, including hardware-profiling for the CPU temperature monitor. The single most significant application change relative to the previous release is the new BluePup bluetooth manager, replacing Blueman (though Blueman is in the repository, so can be installed if needed). The Multiple Sound Card Wizard has been integrated with BluePup.

Detailed release notes are here:

Download English, French and German builds:

If you need help with how to write the image file to a USB stick, read this:

Or, you want to install to a hard drive, look at this;

If you already have EasyOS, upgrading is a simple matter of clicking the "update" icon on the desktop, as explained here:

If you are new to EasyOS and want to know what it is all about, read this:

Feedback is welcome at the forum:

EDIT 2020-11-21:
There is an "EasyOS" section within the Puppy Forum, and I have posted an announcement for 2.5:

Feedback is welcome there also.  

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