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Kernel 4.19.155 compiled for EasyPup

November 09, 2020 — BarryK

Yes, there is going to be another EasyPup! For those who don't know, EasyPup is a "classical Puppy" but with latest applications and features. There is an intro page here:

There is a section in the EasyOS forum:

And there were threads in the old Murga Forum, such as this:

...and it shows the last release was 2.3.1 in June 2020. Not so long ago.

EDIT 20201112:
No, that's not correct. After we lost the Murga Forum, there was EasyPup 2.3.3, on July 15: 

EasyPup so far has been the Buster-series, using Debian Buster DEBs, and I will continue with that series. Debian Buster is designed to run with the 4.19.x kernel, though I have been using the 5.4.x kernel in EasyOS releases.

However, with EasyPup I will stay with the 4.19.x kernel. The latest is 4.19.155, and I have just now compiled it. The source with patches and build scripts is here:

EasyPup will be released as an ISO file, in keeping with its classical status -- EasyOS has left ISOs behind, only offered as an image file for writing to a drive.

When I first created EasyPup, it was just an interesting diversion, didn't really intend to keep supporting it. And I haven't been able to give it much attention. However, I was browsing through the new Puppy Forum today, and came across people saying how they like EasyPup. So all right, I will do another one, and I will read the posts and attempt to fix some of the reported issues. 

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