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EasyOS Dunfell 0.102 released

December 27, 2020 — BarryK

Version 0.101 was released only a couple of days ago:

However, there was a serious bug in the bash shell interpreter:

I have recompiled bash, it is now a PET, not yet uploaded, but have used it to build 0.102, uploaded here:

If you have Easy Dunfell 0.98 or 0.101 running, the "update" icon on the desktop will be broken. However, you should be able to get it to work by using Busybox 'ash' instead of bash. Edit /usr/local/easy_version/easy-update:

COLUMNS=80 that I mean, change the "shebang" line to use ash, and a bit further down insert "COLUMNS=80".

Or, you can do it by the manual update method, by copying 'vmlinuz', 'initrd' and 'easy.sfs', as described here: 

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