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EasyOS Dunfell 0.103 almost released

December 28, 2020 — BarryK

It would have been released, but a quick test and discovered a little bug. A minor bug, but will fix it, so 0.103 will be delayed, maybe tomorrow morning.

What we have with 0.103 is:

  1. SeaMonkey
  2. Kernel 5.10.3
  3. 'rpcgen' executable (in rpcsvc-proto package)
  4. bash fixed

Numbers 3 and 4, packages have been compiled in OE. The latest OE tarball is "20201228":

Bug fixed, and here is version 0.103:

if you are new to EasyOS and wondering what to download, see the note here about Dunfell versus Buster:

However, if you just want to play with EasyOS and not bothered about there being only a small online package repository, then Dunfell should be quite OK.    

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