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EasyPup 2.5 boots, 2.5.1 kernel panic

December 04, 2020 — BarryK

Rodney has been reporting this for sometime, that he gets a kernel panic trying to boot recent releases of EasyOS or EasyPup.

They are using a 5.4.x kernel, except for EasyPup 2.5, I used a 4.19.157 kernel, and that booted. He tried to upgrade to 2.5.1, got kernel panic. So, he is back on 2.5.

Rodney has this CPU:

Rodney is the only person who has reported this. I am wondering if others have tried Easy, got a kernel panic, then gone away, without reporting the problem to me.

I would very much like to know if others are experiencing this problem!

I will work with Rodney, see if I can figure out if there is something in the 5.4.x configuration that can be changed to fix booting.

EDIT 2020-12-05:
Yes, others are getting kernel panic.
Ha ha ha, found the cause! In the 'init' script in the initrd, this line:

  ALLOCK=$(($ALLOCK+$EXTRAALLOCK)) #add on half of swap.

...the "K" was missing off "$ALLOCK" inside the expression, so an undefined variable was added to $EXTRAALLOCK.

That "$EXTRAALLOCK" is space available in a swap partition, and it seems that explains why EasyPup booted on my computers, that have swap partitions. If no swap partition, then ALLOC K will be zero, which will set the zram0 size to zero bytes, hence kernel panic.

OK, give me a few hours, will re-upload EasyPup 2.5.1 with the fix.

Rodney has a different problem though, he has been getting kernel panic on his PC for all recent releases, except for EasyOS 2.2.3 and earlier, and EasyPup 2.5 (which has 4.19.157 kernel) -- so his PC does not like the 5.4 kernel.   

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