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EasyPup is deprecated

December 10, 2020 — BarryK

I am seriously considering discontinuing development of EasyPup. I know, I have said that before, but then gone and done some more work on it.

However, there are no use-cases where I can see EasyPup has an advantage. People are choosing to use EasyPup because they are familiar with Puppy, and the terminology used in EasyOS, especially the word "containers", is intimidating. As is the download format of an ".img.gz" file rather than an ".iso" file.

These are ...trying to think of an appropriate word... "trivial" "injudicious" "insignificant" "inadequate" "flawed"? ... these are <one of those words> reasons for choosing EasyPup.

One valid reason for choosing EasyPup would be if unable to boot from USB, however, those would be very old computers, rapidly disappearing. Besides, in such cases, EasyOS can be installed direct to a hard drive partition, and an appropriate entry made in the boot manager. So cross that reason off also.

What has prompted this post, is the comments by forum member 'lp-dolittle' that he prefers EasyPup because he doesn't want to have to deal with containers:

I responded that containers are completely optional. And in lockdown mode, they aren't even available.

But I understand where lp-dolittle is "coming from", as they say. The online technical documentation for EasyOS is probably a bit overwhelming, and the containers descriptions may seem overly complicated.

I probably need to bring it out more in the documentation that EasyOS need be no more complicated to use than Puppy, in fact easier, due to not having to be concerned with a "save file" and it's size.

In EasyOS, when you download an SFS file, just install it to the "main filesystem", not into a container, and you have behaviour exactly as Puppy Linux. That is a point that can be brought out a bit more.

Also, you still have user "spot", just like Puppy, if you want to run your browser a bit more securely, rather than in a container.

So, perhaps there won't be a EasyPup 2.5.3, and I will let it fade away...   

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