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Kernel KVM acceleration enabled

December 03, 2020 — BarryK

I did not realise that although KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) was enabled in the Linux kernel, hardware acceleration wasn't. It was 'rufwoof' on the Puppy Forum who discovered this:

That one slipped through somehow!

I have compiled the 5.4.81 kernel, following KVM configuration instructions from the LFS guys:

Snapshot when I was running the configuring:


The kernel source, with patches and build scripts is here:

Release of EasyOS 2.5.1 is, barring any unforeseen circumstances, imminent.

Broadcom wl.ko module PET

As I mentioned in the previous post:

If you need to use that module, you can grab the PET before upgrading Easy to 2.5.1:

...and probably best to download-only, install it after upgrading.   

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