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Need to set LANG in script called via udev rule

December 15, 2020 — BarryK

Forum member Esmourguit is testing the French build of EasyOS 2.5.3, and found PupCamera displays in French when launched from the menu, only in English when it launches automatically -- in response to plugging in a PTP device such as camera or phone.

I recently posted about fixing those scripts that are called via udev rules:

However, there was one oversight -- the LANG variable is not set when the script is called via udev. These scripts are affected:

/usr/local/pup_event/bluetooth-add, bluetooth-remove, bluetoothhw

So I have inserted this code in the scripts:

#20201215 if called from udev rule, LANG will not be set...
eval $(grep '^LANG=.*' /etc/profile)
export LANG


Tags: easy