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The weather is changing in South West Australia

December 08, 2020 — BarryK

Here in Western Australia, in the lower South West portion of the State, we have traditionally had long hot dry summers. However, they have gradually been becoming wetter. Not over the entire year though, averaged over the year, the weather has been becoming drier.

Today, December 8, 2020, is the first really hot day, 39 degC, here in Perth. However, the heat has been very much delayed. Right through November, it was mostly cold and wet.

I was wondering, are we going to skip summer this year? Wouldn't be surprised, given other events of 2020. Vast bushfires early in 2020, the pandemic, and on the political front being punished economically by China, for what the Chinese see as insults from our Prime Minister.

Oh dear, I don't want to go that way... I generally try to avoid political and religious commentary, despite being very tempted sometimes. So, staying with the weather...

Yes, it turns out that November has been the wettest on record, since records started 140 years ago, and the coldest since 12 years ago:

So, is this part of a long-term natural cycle, or a symptom of our messing up the environment.

Oh, another thing. I have enjoyed the pristine beaches of the South Coast of WA, very isolated, plenty of buffer zones of national forest, only Antarctica to the south. However, it turns out not quite so pristine as I thought:

There was a ship near South Africa that lost its entire load of nurdles, but apparently the ones found mostly on the South Coast are not those.

Quite depressing, whenever I read this stuff. Perhaps Mother Nature needs to come up with something better than Coronavirus to cull the human population.

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