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Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for unity

January 11, 2021 — BarryK

I have a policy on this blog to stay away from political and religious commentary. I will comment on topics spanning ethics, culture, morality, integrity and spirituality, as I consider those to be independent of political affiliation and religious persuasion.

Sometimes though, I am itching to post something, resisting with great effort. The debacle in the USA is one example. Maybe I should allow myself an "annual political commentary", at start of the New Year.

All right, a short post though. If I start typing about what is wrong with the USA, I would be at it for hours. Or the current trouble Australia is having with China -- we have an idiot Prime Minister, who put that last straw on the camel. Ha, ha, got to back off on that one also.

It is great that Arnie has the integrity and guts to speak the truth:

Americans, are you aware how the rest of the world sees you, and your President? This editorial in the Friday January 8, 2021 issue of the "West Australian" newspaper sums it up:


Here are some one-liners to contemplate:

We do have to ask how he got elected in the first place, why half the population of the USA voted for him.

Why do so many Americans believe unfounded conspiracy theories? It is almost a national pastime.

Why do some TV networks spread misinformation? -- hint, follow the money, look who is funding them.

Awhile back, I was reading something written by an academic in the USA, can't recall who, who said that the US political system is a "parody of democracy".

The US no longer has the "high moral ground", and arguably hasn't since WWII.

There was a journalist who wrote in a newspaper here in Australia, that he thought the US is heading toward civil war. But I think that the people of the US are better than that, even the IQ-challenged who adhere to various conspiracy theories. 

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