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Current status of EasyOS on the Pi4

January 15, 2021 — BarryK

EasyOS 64-bit with 5.10.4+ kernel is running nicely on my Raspberry Pi4. There are, however, some issues that are stopping me from releasing it:

  1. Bluetooth not working
  2. Qsync (time from Internet) not working properly
  3. Sometimes plug in USB-stick, kernel does not recognize it
  4. SeaMonkey sometimes hangs at

Regarding playing YouTube videos, 1080p plays nicely, no stuttering and sound is in-sync. Full-screen works. Also tested inside the Dunfell desktop in a container, 1080p still plays nicely.

Running 'seamonkey' from a terminal, there is an error message when play a video:

[vp9] The deprecated avcodec_decode_* API cannot return all the frames for this decoder. Some frames will be dropped. Update your code to the new decoding API to fix this.

The videos seem to play OK though.

Regarding the hanging, SM seems to be waiting on a response from, so I don't know if that is a problem with or the network interface.

Regarding point-3, sometimes just replugging the USB-stick is sufficient to get it recognized. But sometimes replugging multiple times still does not work.

Point-1, I need to do more research. Took a punt on this:

...supposed to make the kernel recognize the bluetooth interface, but it made no difference for me.

Here is the status of the official Raspbian (now Raspberry Pi OS) 64-bit:

Interesting, I removed "elevator=deadline" from 'cmdline.txt', and now SM is working smoothly, no hanging or pausing at Coincidence?

Got it! Reading online about bluetooth support in the Pi is misleading, as it has recently changed. See this commit to the kernel:

So, I added these lines to 'config.txt':


Yes, now have the bluetooth tray applet, and /sys/class/bluetooth/hci0 exists. Haven't tried it yet. 

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