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Norwegian language PETs for EasyOS

January 17, 2021 — BarryK

Jostein Skjelstad has created two "langpack" PETs for EasyOS, '' and ''.

Jostein is to be congratulated for this, as it is a huge amount of work creating a langpack from scratch, as Lutz (de langpack) and esmourguit (fr langpack) will attest. Though, once created, keeping it updated is easier.

At first I was confused, why not just create one "no" langpack? But a bit of online reading showed why not:

There are actually two official Norwegian written languages: Norwegian bokmål (nb, used by ~85%) and Norwegian nynorsk (nn, 15%). They're mutually intelligible.

If the variant isn't specified (just Norwegian, "no"), it's going to be bokmål since it's the dominant variant. So really, nb and no are identical languages.

More information here:

...seems confusing! But they seem to be getting along OK with the multitude of languages and dialects. I think that I read somewhere that most Norwegians can speak and read English.

So, I will build two separate EasyOS image files, for 'nb' and for 'nn'.

Note that the '3buildeasydistro' script in woofQ casts a wide net looking for translations other than those in the langpack, so what we end up with in the final build will have more translations in it. An example, the script looks online for a SeaMonkey translation for the required language, and downloads it.   

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