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Passive heatsink for Pi4

January 12, 2021 — BarryK

As reported recently, I bought a plastic case with fan for my new Pi4:

Which is fine, it runs very cool, but I would rather not have the noise.

Right now. the Pi4 is compiling SeaMonkey, with "make -J2", and the tray temperature applet is showing 45 degC. Even though it is mid-summer here, ambient temperature today is very low, I would guess about 20 degC.

However, there is a passive heatsink that does a pretty good job, as this guy on YouTube has reported:

It has an opening for the wifi signal, but how well that works remains to be seen.

Anyway, ordered one off eBay:


These are available locally, from Altronics and others, but at twice the price. I don't mind waiting while it comes from China. 

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