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SeaMonkey on Pi4 no longer freezes

January 24, 2021 — BarryK

In the release notes for EasyOS version 2.6 on the Raspberry Pi4, I reported that SeaMonkey would often freeze, temporarily:

The kernel offers "mq-deadline", "kyber" or "none" IO schedulers, and the default is "mq-deadline". I changed to "kyber":

echo kyber > /sys/block/${WKG_DRV}/queue/scheduler

Ans now SM is behaving nicely, no appreciable freezing. I am testing version 2.6.1, and playing around on do get a segmentation fault sometimes. I can live with that, better than freezing. Running SM

One other thing: The SM cache is in /root/.mozilla, not happy with this, as always trying to reduce writes to the drive. So have changed it to /tmp. SM creates a folder named /tmp/Cache2. In EasyOS, /tmp is a tmpfs, in RAM. The downside of this is the cache will be lost at shutdown. Probably an upside is a possible security benefit.   

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