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Tweaks for OpenEmbedded Dunfell

January 21, 2021 — BarryK

I am currently working on changes to my fork of OE, Dunfell release. Working through a to-do list, here is progress so far...

When I compiled LibreOffice recently on the Pi4, was unable to use the 'boost', 'harfbuzz' and 'neon' system packages, had to use internal versions. This is duplication, means that the final LibreOffice binary package will be bigger that is could be.

  1. Boost was missing headers for the locale library. Fixed.
  2. Neon version was too old. Have bumped 0.30.2 to 0.31.2.
  3. Harfbuzz was missing graphite support. Fixed.

After working through the to-do list, I will do a complete recompile in OE, and want to bump the "revision number" of all packages by one. For example, a package is currently 'harfbuzz-2.6.4-r0-aarch64.tar.xz', and for the upcoming rebuild, want it to become 'harfbuzz-2.6.4-r1-aarch64.tar.xz'.

The basic reason for wanting this, is it makes rsync with the package repository at simpler. Plus, the distinction is helpful locally.

I couldn't find anything suitable in the official OE/Yocto docs, nor in forum discussion, so implemented my own simple method. In the 'local.conf' file, I have added these two lines:

#20210121 radical, this globally changes the base revision from r0...
PR = "r1"
#.bbappend recipes can use this to bump PR. ex: PR = "r${@int(PR_NUM) + 1}"
PR_NUM = "1"

In a .bbappend file, where I had previously hard-coded a revision number, have changed to a dynamic calculation. For example:

#PR = "r1"
PR = "r${@int(PR_NUM) + 1}" was previously "r1", now it will be "1 + 1", that is, "r2", so will get a package name bumped one-up from before.

Have added 'tigervnc' to the package list -- that one is for rufwoof.

Lot more on the to-do list, will get onto it soon. Right now, going for a walk then lunch.

'disktype' is a great little utility, but the official release is stuck at version 9 for many years. Consequently, it does not support some filesystems. However, over the years people have added patches. In OE I had just one patch, for ext4, that I got from Pardus Linux, and it was good at the time, however no longer works.

Have updated OE with a collection of patches from here:

ext4 detection now works, and now have f2fs, exfat and btrfs detection.   

Tags: easy