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Uploaded aarch64 packages compiled in OE

January 09, 2021 — BarryK

I previously reported compiling the source packages optimized for the rpi4 CPU, with the TUNE_FEATURES variable set to "aarch64 cortexa72 crc crypto":

However, would prefer the packages to be more generic, to run on other aarch64 systems, including the rpi3 and Rock64. So changed OE to compile for a "qemuarm64" machine, which sets TUNE_FEATURES to "aarch64 armv8a crc". This runs gcc with "-march=armv8-a+crc".

As I understand it, for the original armv8-a, the crc instructions are optional, and became mandatory in armv8.1-a. See Wikipedia:

I recompiled all the packages with this new CPU setting, and hopefully that will be OK for most of the aarch64 CPUs out there.

There are 720 packages, uploaded here:

Right now, running woofQ on the Rock64 board, to build an SD-card image, that, hopefully, will boot up on the Pi4!

There are some packages that have not been compiled in OE, because it is too difficult to do in a cross-compile environment. That includes SeaMonkey, Inkscape and LibreOffice. Actually, I have compiled LibreOffice in OE before, in OE Pyro, but it is far easier to do it in a native environment.  The intention is to compile these after getting EasyOS running on the pi4. 

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