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Various helpful feedback

January 06, 2021 — BarryK

I would like to thank Tom and Holden for information and links about AMD CPUs. Currently not sure whether to invest in an AMD-based PC, as I already have a collection of PCs and laptops. OK, they are all Intel-based, but if I buy another one, it might just sit there unused, or alternatively, the Lenovo PC that I bought in 2020 will sit unused -- which would be a shame. So shelving that one for now.

I will still attempt to get the 5.10.x kernel to be "AMD friendly", for those who want to run EasyOS on modern AMD hardware.

David W. sent me a link to an old chap who retired from a very active job when he was 102. Have appended to this post:

Rick sent me some great dog photos, on the theme that dogs are better than humans. Here is one of them:


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