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Ah Chair for hikers

February 13, 2021 — BarryK

Now isn't this interesting, a "chair" that hikers can use in their tent.

I have a degenerated lower vertebrae, and have to keep a straight posture. Also have to adjust my spine carefully when sleep on the side. So I can't just sit cross-legged and slouched, and sitting cross-legged with a vertical spine is tiring to maintain.

When I go camping by car, I take a large tent that can stand up in, with a folding chair, and that is comfy. However, when hiking, the tent is only high enough to sit up in.

Enter the Ah Chair, reviewed here:


Manufacturer's website:

Very interesting, but do I want to add 205g to my pack? No, unfortunately, as the current project is to get everything into the Daylight waist bag, which is already an extreme challenge, cannot add the Ah Chair -- don't have the space either.

But for backpackers, the Ah Chair is worth considering. 

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