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Maybe will close down the EasyOS Forum

March 29, 2021 — BarryK

Still thinking about it, but it is likely to happen, that I will close down the EasyOS Forum:

Instead, discussion will take place in a special EasyOS section of the Puppy Forum:

The fundamental problem for me is that EasyOS is a stop-start project. I go off onto other things, then do not watch over the forum as perhaps should happen. It may be that hiatuses will become longer duration in the future.

It is simpler to piggy-back on the Puppy Forum, as do all the *Dog distributions. It takes advantage of the guys such as 'rockedge' who maintain and safeguard the forum.

Another factor is that I visit the Puppy Forum regularly, and continue to find it to be a valuable resource for sharing of ideas within the extended "Puppy family". This cross-pollination is, I think, invaluable.

There is an argument that housing all the *Dogs and EasyOS, as well as some other "out there" derivatives of Puppy, on the Puppy Forum, dilutes attention-to and awareness of the "pure breed" Puppies, those that are built with woof-CE.

Yes, but the forum has always been open to any distribution claiming Puppy heritage, even if that heritage is from many years ago and now a bit tenuous. This "melting pot" is a very rich experience.

Anyway, will think about it a bit more before deciding.

EDIT 2021-04-01:
It has been done, the EasyOS Forum is now read-only!

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