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Protect hands from mosquitoes at campsite

March 02, 2021 — BarryK

On the last overnighter, arrived at the shelter in the early evening, and observed that whenever stopped moving, it would not be long before there were mosquitoes buzzing around. They mostly go for the ears and back of the hands.

So, put on the head net, and tucked the pants into the socks. Problem fixed ...except for the hands.

If don't want to use insect repellent, what protection is available for the hands? Bug netting to cover the hands? Special gloves?

I have gloves, but they are for warmth. Gloves are needed that are suitable for wearing in hot weather. First look online, found this:


I looked on eBay and Aliexpress, and there are complete mesh outfits, for the entire body, for example:


eBay also has the mesh mittens available individually.

Another possibility are "sun gloves", designed for UV protection, for example:

Other possibilities are driving gloves and fishing gloves.

Lots to be found on eBay. For example, these half-finger cotton gloves:


But perhaps cheap cotton gardening gloves would be adequate, and not too hot. The mesh mittens would have the advantage of very light weight and compactness for hiking. On the other hand, half-finger gloves would be good for using items such as the mobile phone.

I discovered that there is another type of glove known as a "glove liner". These are gloves that are designed to go inside gloves. An example is to go inside boxing gloves. As these are fairly thin and close-fitting, they are also advertised for use in delicate work, such as handling jewellery.

I found many of these on eBay, and individually they are so cheap that I decided to take a punt and order a couple.

These cost just AU$2.60 including postage:

These cost AU$3.10 including postage:


There are others that don't have that wrist band, but it looks like that will be handy to tuck the shirt sleeves into.

It remains to be seen whether these will be OK in hot weather, but I reckon worth a punt given the prices. I would be wearing them at campsites evening and overnight, so it will be cooler. They may also be suitable to replace the gloves that I have currently included in the pack for cold snaps.

Note, there are also glove liners at specialist camping stores, at AU$40+ each.   

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