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QiWiz Big Dig ultralight titanium trowel

March 14, 2021 — BarryK

Feodor sent an email asking about the poo trowel that is listed in my hiking gear.

I bought it almost, I think, 10 years ago, and I looked online now and see that the guy who makes them, Rob Kelly, is still at it:


I have the small one, 0.4oz (12g). In earlier posts, I showed it as 15g, but that was in a plastic bag.

Ha ha, Rob states that QiWiz is pronounced "chee-wiz". In the Hindi language, "chee" means poo, or shit, or if we are more polite, faeces. Probably coincidence!

Mine came with an "Advanced Cathole Users Manual", that no longer have. See it in action:

If you want to buy an ultralight poo trowel for yourself, there are plenty of choices, and some available in local stores in Australia. There is an aluminium one at 17g, also made in the USA:

...I see that Deuce trowel is available at local stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

Looking in the local stores in Perth, there is the Sea To Summit "Pocket Trowel", but it weighs 110g. There is "Elemental Trowel" at Tentworld, but weighs 100g. These are made with plastic, and do not have sharp digging edges.

There are lots of lightweight aluminium and titanium ones available on Amazon, could only find heavier plastic and steel ones on eBay.

To finish off this post, here is an interesting thought. Eliminate the toilet paper, with a backpacker's bidet:

EDIT 2021-03-15:
Fascinating! I never knew about these portable bidets for hikers. Found some on eBay and ordered this one:


Ha ha, some readers might be thinking that this is a gross topic to be posting about!   

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