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Young ladies walking solo on the Bibbulmun Track

March 23, 2021 — BarryK

These are nice presentations. Walking solo on a multi-day hike is as much a mental journey as a physical one, and it is interesting how each person adapts to the walk.

Caroline starts with a partner to do the filming, but soon finds herself solo. This is interesting, as she is a person who likes company, and suddenly finding herself alone was a challenge mentally. Here is the first part of the journey:

...Caroline walked the entire 1,000km, and has posted videos of the entire journey.

Dori is someone who is at home with herself, who prefers solo hiking. It does require some mental adjustment though, especially the feeling of being vulnerable. She posted a video about this:

And here is the first post on her journey heading southward on the Bibbulmun Track:

She only posted that on March 14, 2021, and has posted the first and second videos so far.

People walk solo for all kinds of reasons. The two young lasses above, liked to meet people along the way. Some are loners, just like to be to themselves.

Just remembered, I met a lass who seems to be a professional solo hiker, trail-name "Drop Bear", at Hewitt's Hill Campsite, in 2016. If I recall rightly, she was just starting on the journey, heading south. Found a page about her:

Yes, she walked end-to-end, and is in the "End-to-Enders Gallery":

Interesting choice of lifestyle.  

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