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Bottle cap glued to portable bidet

April 29, 2021 — BarryK

I have posted about a "portable bidet" to use when hiking:


It works, however there was one incident. Too enthusiastically squeezing the bottle, the bidet popped off and fell into the toilet bowl.

Someone did ask on the Aussie hiking forum, why can't you buy these with screw-on threads?

Interesting question. I followed that one up, and purchased three different bidets that come with small squeeze bottles. These all have screw-on caps. They work OK, however for hiking I want the cap size to be "28mm diameter", for compatibility with Coca Cola and many other soft plastic bottles available in shops. Those three all had larger diameter caps.

So, solution is to glue a cap on, which I did today:


...problem solved!

That cap is from one of these "BONLOX" folding TPU bottles:


These have a 28mm screw thread, and it is pretty much the same thread as on a Coca Cola bottle, and the thread also screws OK onto the Sawyer Mini water filter.

There are a lot of these foldable TPU bottles for sale on eBay and Aliexpress, and if you are wanting to buy one, do not buy the "AONIJIE" brand -- these are 28mm but the thread is weird and the Sawyer Mini will not screw onto it. I also have another brand of water filter that will also not screw onto it.

I have tested "BONLOX" and "LIXADA" TPU folding bottles, their threads are OK.

Now for usage...

My new portable bidet can be screwed onto any (?) soft-drink bottle, including these TPU folding ones. However, I found that the 500ml TPU bottle is a bit too floppy. So have ordered the 250ml size, see if that feels better when held upside down in one hand.

Practically, a small plastic Coke bottle is good. With the TPU bottle, water starts coming out as soon as you upend the bottle -- which you could get used to I think.

These TPU bottles are great for hiking, as they are extremely light weight and fold up very small. That "BONLOX" 500ml only weighs 19g without the cap, and the cap is 13g.

So I could just use the 250ml TPU bottle for use with the bidet, sans cap. Hardly adds any weight to the backpack. Could put a Coke bottle cap on it, so as to keep the air out when rolled up -- those Coke caps weigh less than 1gm.

One technical detail: I used "plastic glue" from Bunnings. There are a couple of different brands. They are a super-glue with a separate primer stick. They will glue any types of plastic together. And being a super-glue, it grips immediately, so you have to get the position exactly right the first time -- as I found when tried to slide it slightly and it wouldn't -- but still turned out OK.

So it is looking like the hiking kit will have this new portable bidet, and probably the 250ml TPU bottle (sans cap).  

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