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Bugfix for gFTP in EasyOS

April 17, 2021 — BarryK

gFTP is a gtk+2-based FTP client. The first time that a ssh2 connection is made, there is a popup asking to confirm key authorization, with yes/no buttons. However, in EasyOS Dunfell-series, the popup dialog window does not appear, so unable to confirm the connection.

This problem does not occur in EasyOS Buster-series.

So great, 'wdlkmpx' fixed it straight away:

'wdlkmpx' is one of those guys who quietly contributes year after year, keeping his identity private. He revitalizes old packages, such as gFTP and gwhere and the gtk2 version of Osmo, modernizing their build environment, fixing bugs and enhancing. You can find out some of what he does here:

I have recompiled gFTP in OpenEmbedded and it will be in the next release of Easy, expected to be version 2.7.1.  

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