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Dunfell recompile commencing in OpenEmbedded

April 09, 2021 — BarryK

Gwhere is a "removable media catalogue manager", quite interesting, but I don't know if anyone uses it. It has been in Puppy since the early days, and is very old and shaky code. We have patched it and patched it, but yesterday I noticed that 'wdlkmpx' has done a lot of work on it:

So decided to drop my badly-hacked source. Now have the latest source from wdlkmpx's github repo in OpenEmbedded.

There is another chap who is an audiophile and wants to use the 'jack' server in EasyOS. So I have added the jack package to the build-list, and enabled support for jack in these packages:

ffmpeg mpv xine-lib mhwaveedit audacious

From a bit of reading, it seems that ideally the kernel needs to have some real-time features enabled for jack to work well.

As far as I know, having support for jack in those apps doesn't mean we have to use it. It is an optional server.

Oh, I was going to type "tonight will commence a complete rebuild in OE", but I see it is already after midnight. OK, so commencing today. It takes about 9 hours.

Note, the latest OE tarball will be here, will upload it soon: 

One more thing: Have also added 'modemmanager' package to the build-list, and added it as a dependency to 'networkmanager' and 'network-manager-applet' packages.

There has been some discussion recently about "modem thingys" that might require 'modemmanager'. I don't know, but anyway, it will be available for anyone who might want it. has it's own GUI even, that will be in the "Network" menu.

EDIT 2021-04-09:
Also compiling Osmo personal information manager with support for libnotify. Now it will be able to put up notifications, making it a much more complete PIM.

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